Aldrian 「イヤン」

Engineer - Exterior Design

System Building Section

Question 1: What are five words that best describe you?

The five words that best describe me are hardworking, dedicated, curious, energetic, and friendly.

Question 2: If you still remember, can you share the reason why you chose this company before?

I chose to work here because I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and as per my friend, YTP is the place for me.

Question 3: What are the things you like about working here?

The best part of working in YTP specifically in SBS-Gaisou is the opportunity to constantly learn, grow, and be exposed to new and different challenges while working with some of the best engineers in the country.

Question 4: What does it mean for you to be a recipient of the Best Engineer award?

For me to be a recipient of this award is an acknowledgement of my hard work and redemption for my agony, and self-doubt. It makes me feel that every employee is being acknowledged by the company, which is a good thing.

Question 5: Did you expect to receive this award?

Honestly, I think about it but do not expect to receive this award. All my co-engineers are as good, as analytical, and as dedicated as I am, so all of us deserve this reward.

Question 6: Looking back at your first day working at YTP, did this award cross your mind?

The award didn't cross my mind but how to adapt to my new working environment, how to excel and be good, how to perform well and contribute to the group, and be familiar with the work became my priority by that time.

Question 7: How do you find your job?

I find my Job Challenging but at the same time fulfilling. Our job is not the typical job description of what an engineer in the Philippines is. So, it is something new and interesting to do.

Question 8: What's next for you? What are your plans?

I would say "Bahala na si Future Ian”. Kidding aside, I don't have specific plans honestly, But I would be rendering the best effort that I can give to our company, share my knowledge with my co-workers, and be able to help my group to achieve greater heights.

Question 9: Share some thoughts with aspiring engineers who want to follow in your footsteps.

"True Success is achieved through a consistent effort.”, this saying from my previous school became my guiding principle for my academic and career life. For my co-engineers that wanted to not just to follow our fellow engineers' footsteps, but also wanted to achieve what they want, consistent effort is the key to what your heart truly desires.

Question 10: Since you are working in a Japanese company, do you have any favorite Japanese words/phrases?

My favorite Japanese word that hit me hard is the word "改善 (Kaizen). Kaizen is a concept that focuses on continuous improvement through small, incremental changes. I always use this word as a technique to remind myself in times of doubt that baby steps are okay if you are taking action to improve your purpose in life.

Question 11: If you could travel back in time, specifically on your first day of work here, what would you say to your younger self?

I am a people pleaser and an overthinker person. So maybe the thing that I wanted to say to my younger self is to be proud of what you can do, not allow others to affect your everyday capability, and keep striving hard to get what you want.

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