Jamie Farrah 「ジェイミー」


Civil Infrastructure Group

Question 1: What are five words that best describe you?

Inquisitive, focus, self-motivated, quiet, and friendly.

Question 2: If you still remember, can you share the reason why you chose this company before?

I chose this company because I wanted to explore a different side of engineering aside from my previous job.

Question 3: What are the things you like about working here?

Comparing my work here from my previous job, what I like about here is that I don't have to bring my work with me outside of the working hours. It gave me the work-life balance.

Question 4: What does it mean for you to be a recipient of the Best Engineer award?

Receiving this award meant that every employee's hard work and effort is being acknowledged and appreciated by the company. It is just that at this time I got to be our team’s representative.

Question 5: Did you expect to receive this award?

Honestly, I did not expect to receive this award. I've only been in our group for 1.25 years and I know that everyone is deserving of this award.

Question 6: Looking back at your first day working at YTP, did this award cross your mind?

It didn't cross my mind since my initial goal is to learn, expand my knowledge of the industry and give back something to the company through my output for trusting and giving me the chance to practice my profession when they hired me.

Question 7: How do you find your job?

I find my job challenging because not only you need to have the knowledge about engineering but also you must learn Nihongo. Good thing is that the company provides free education of the language.

Question 8: What's next for you? What are your plans?

Plan is to widen more of my knowledge and continue to help the company achieve its corporate goals.

Question 9: Share some thoughts with aspiring engineers who want to follow in your footsteps.

Know your strengths and don’t be afraid to ask for help. No one knows everything so when you make mistakes don’t dwell on it, take it as a lesson learned.

Question 10: Since you are working in a Japanese company, do you have any favorite Japanese words/phrases?

お疲れ様です(Otsukaresamadesu) which translates to thank you for your hard work. Our emails or any exchanges starts with お疲れ様です, it’s always a good feeling knowing that your colleagues recognize and appreciate your work.

Question 11: If you could travel back in time, specifically on your first day of work here, what would you say to your younger self?

Study Nihongo by heart.

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