Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

Analysis focuses on determining the actual behavior of a structure or a member in order to check the safety of the structure when subjected to certain conditions. Structures are not limited to bridges but also include steel towers, silos, etc. Structures can be existing, currently under construction or under design stage. Analysis considers the following modeling types: framework, FEM (Finite Element Method), shear panel, solid, etc.

Work scope includes, but not limited to, modeling of new and existing 2D or 3D structures provided by the designer, checking and documentation of simulated results (from static analysis and/or dynamic analysis) and comparing the allowable values provided in Japan Specification. Through the use of different software, different types of analysis can be executed in order to acquire the necessary results and present it to the client through reports.

Group members are expected to study Japanese language and become familiar with Japan specifications.

Sample Projects:

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