Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure Group


Specialize in tunnel segment detailing using the computer-aided program. Tunnel segment serves as a support structure in the construction of the tunnel using tunnel boring machines. It comes in various types such as steel, reinforced concrete, and composite segment.

Tunnel segment based on design drawings received from the client is converted into a 3D model using segment program. After thorough checking of all the members and possible interference, each material from the 3D model is now converted into a 2D model, producing data to be used in arranging material list, documents for steel fabrication and assembly as well.


SEF Joint100 is a bridge expansion device that uses fatigue-resistant components of steel, foam, and rubber designed to effectively adapt to the deformation and movement of the bridge caused by temperature change and earthquakes. This makes the SEF Joint 100 a cost-effective product that is suitable for both new constructions and replacements.
Currently, we are using an automatic drawing program (SEF自動作図), our in-house software, to achieve greater efficiency in drawing accuracy and completion.

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