Bridge Production

Bridge Production Group

In Bridge Production Group, we specialize in the creation of accurate workshop drawings that are crucial for the fabrication and assembly of structural steel bridges. These drawings serve as essential guidance for fabrication facilities in Japan, ensuring precise placement and erection of steel bridge components at construction sites.

Our team of Bridge Production Engineers meticulously examines structural engineering design drawings, allowing us to develop a deep understanding of the bridge’s overall design concept. Leveraging our in-house BIM/CIM software “CastarJupiter,” we then create detailed 3D models and convert them into comprehensive 2D shop drawings. Our thorough process adheres to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and meets the highest standards of fabrication facilities.


Here in our team, we are responsible for the creation and management of digital building assets of structures, which have a focus on Bridges and Viaducts. Leveraging our in-house BIM software “CastarJupiter”, in conjunction with CAD and Navisworks, intelligent 3D models are produced as a digital representation of a structure throughout its lifecycle. In collaboration with the different disciplines involved, we use these assets to simulate the structure in a controlled environment to identify inconsistencies from the design, to the problems that may arise in the actual construction of the structure itself. In a constant cycle of model assessment and correction, with the aim to improve project cost-effectiveness, decision-making and sustainability.

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