Bridge Design

Bridge Design Group

Accuracy is our priority at Bridge Design Group. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of precision in every step of the project.

Comprehensive Bridge Design Services:

  • Bridge Types: We handle various steel bridge projects, including plate girder, box girder, orthotropic steel deck, and truss bridges for both highway and railway applications.
  • Design Calculation Review and Verification: Our team thoroughly verifies bridge design calculations, ensuring strict compliance with relevant Japanese codes and standards.
  • Bridge Alignment Verification: We meticulously examine bridge alignment data for consistency and accuracy.
  • Structural Analysis: We perform comprehensive structural analysis calculations at various stages of the bridge building process.
  • Design Drawings: We value accurate and detailed design drawings. We review, modify, and create drawings with careful attention to consistency, workability, safety, and clash detection.
  • Material Take-off: We provide detailed and accurate material take-off for efficient procurement and project management.
  • Bridge Rehabilitation and Retrofit: Our expertise extends to bridge upgrades, including supplemental reinforcements, bearing and slab replacements, and other rehabilitation projects.


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