Mark Matthew Vibal

Mark Matthew Vibal

Senior Engineer

System Development Group

Question 1: Please tell something about your job

Our group is responsible for creating and maintaining programs that our client used.

Question 2: Why did you choose this company?

I think that YTP have the capability to enhance my understanding and knowledge in the essentials of software engineering.

Question 3: What are the challenge and fun for work?

The challenging part is the communication between you and your Japanese client, sometimes you will have a misunderstanding about the specification of the project.

Question 4: How about work environment and workplace colleagues?

The employees are disciplined and responsible, especially in their task. We practice sharing ideas and strategy to easily solve the difficult task.

Question 5: Please tell us your plans for the future.

Make our group bigger and create a team that will only specialize in a specific platform/task to ensure the quality of the project that will be produced.

Question 6: What is the attraction different from other companies? (If you have experience of another company)

Training in japan. Joke aside YTP prioritize employees, they will help you build up your career.

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