Christopher Ryan Ocampo

Christopher Ryan Ocampo


Structural Analysis Group

Question 1: Please tell something about your job

As part of the Structural Analysis Group, my task starts from knowing how to interpret designed plans and to be familiarized with Japan bridge specifications. Using our in-house and other industrial standard software, I create simple framework up to complicated 3D models of bridges, simulate loadings like self-weight, live loads and earthquakes, and take part in the interpretation of results for the creation of a comprehensible report for our clients.

Question 2: Why did you choose this company?

Since childhood, I was fascinated by Japanese culture and technology. Also, I am fond of bridges. So being part of a Japanese Company while improving my engineering skills is a great achievement for me.

Question 3: What are the challenge and fun for work?

In an international company (like YTP), language barrier is a real challenge. Some of the software used are in Japanese only. Through Japanese classes provided by the company, I got to study and apply my newly learned language when I got the opportunity to train in Japan. Within this training in Japan, I got to experience the Japanese culture and see Japan bridge technology.

Question 4: How about work environment and workplace colleagues?

Since a Japanese company is known to be firm with business manners, employees tend to be more disciplined and more responsible for them to provide an accurate and proper output.

Question 5: Please tell us your plans for the future.

If there will be an opportunity, I plan to deepen my knowledge in bridge engineering by pursuing graduate studies.

Question 6: What is the attraction different from other companies? (If you have experience of another company)

Aside from usual engineering scopes, being part YTP gives the opportunity to widen my knowledge in my chosen specialization, Bridge Engineering.

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